Detect what causes arc flash and electrical problems before they happen with an infrared study from IBS. Few nationwide facility maintenance companies offer infrared studies along with the rest of the scope of services that IBS does. Our team of expert electrical technicians can perform infrared services to identify damage in your electrical system that can cause arc flash, fire, injuries, and equipment damage. We are one of the few contractors that can perform an IR study and provide the repair, design, or installation services to fix the detected problems in your building’s electrical system.

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Electrical Preventive Maintenance for Arc Flash Prevention

Like most systems in commercial buildings, the electrical system requires preventive maintenance for optimal performance. Facility electrical systems see constant fluctuations in temperature due to the electricity flowing through their wiring, panels, and equipment. Over time, the heat can cause the wiring and other components to shrink and expand, leading to loosened fittings resulting in arc flash or other electrical failures. Electrical preventive maintenance with infrared studies and electrical inspections can detect problem areas that need repair before they develop into more significant problems.

Integrated Building Solutions technician using infrared radar camera to service an electrical panel.

Annual Infrared Study for Commercial Electric Power System

Many property insurance companies require or recommend infrared studies be performed on facilities annually. This is considered necessary electrical preventive maintenance to detect hot spots within the power system. Our trained infrared technicians perform a thorough IR study of the electrical system using specialized equipment that detects heat and patterns within the electrical system. If there are loose connections, overloads, or deteriorating components, the IR study can identify them and recommend appropriate services to repair them before they cause an arc flash or other electrical failures.

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Our IR and service technicians can provide a complete inspection of your electrical system as part of your preventive building maintenance. If problems are detected, we can recommend and perform the needed repairs, maintenance, or component replacement to prevent arc flash or electrical failure. To schedule an IR study or learn more about our nationwide infrared services, contact our customer service team at IBS.