Energy consumption for heating, cooling and lighting your commercial facilities directly impacts the financial bottom line of your company. It is estimated that 19% of the energy consumed in the US is for heating, cooling, and lighting in commercial buildings. Therefore, the efficiency of the HVAC system can have a significant impact on how much energy buildings use and the total cost. In addition, building Automation Systems (BAS) can also play a role in improving energy efficiency. At IBS, we are HVAC/BAS experts, offering services and maintenance for our commercial clients nationwide.

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HVAC/BAS Projects

IBS is an all-in-one source for your commercial contracting needs, including capital expenditure HVAC/BAS projects. Our contractors can design, build and install highly efficient HVAC systems that are customized to the needs of your facility, integrated with a state-of-the-art BAS for optimal control, reporting, and efficiency. In addition, our user-friendly BAS software can help save up to 15% in operating costs and be implemented with new HVAC installations or integrated with your existing system.

HVAC Preventive Maintenance

One of the key factors to reducing HVAC energy, repair, and facility downtime costs is maintenance. With the right preventive maintenance, your HVAC system can run more efficiently for lower energy costs and reduce the chance of breakdowns and facility closures due to climate control issues. IBS has an experienced team of HVAC service technicians to provide preventive maintenance to keep your building’s system working like clockwork to reduce overall energy and replacement costs.

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HVAC/BAS Services

When your HVAC system needs repair, we have technicians ready to come to the rescue 24/7. Many existing commercial HVAC systems are 10, 20, or more years old and may need constant repairs or equipment replacement. Our HVAC service team can provide ongoing repairs for older equipment and replacement of your system when you are ready to invest in an updated and more efficient system.

Older HVAC systems and buildings without a BAS can be a cost detriment to your company. IBS offers innovative HVAC/BAS services options, from capital expenditure design and installations to maintenance and repairs. We are your one-source design, install and service HVAC and BAS contractor.

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With experienced technicians available 24/7, Integrated Building Solutions stands committed to delivering superior HVAC/BAS installations, integrations, as well as maintenance & repairs whenever you need them.