An arc flash is an explosion when electricity uses air as a conductor to leave its intended path. This is a dangerous condition that causes an estimated 80% of electrical-related injury accidents in the workplace, as well as causing significant damage to equipment and property. At IBS, we specialize in creating safe work environments, including performing arc flash analysis and studies, arc flash safety training, and electrical system design services to keep your business safe from arc flash hazards.

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What Are OSHA and NFPA 70E Arc Flash Regulations?

Every electrical system design and building are different and need specific safeguards in place for arc flash prevention. NFPA 70E provides guidelines for meeting OSHA electrical safety standards. The NFPA 70E safety regulations are designed to minimize arc flash risks, educate, and provide maintenance to prevent equipment explosions, fire hazards, and worker injuries.

This is a comprehensive analysis of your electrical system and arc flash safety protocols to ensure your company meets all updated OSHA electrical codes and NFPA 70E regulations. An arc flash analysis or study should be performed every five years or whenever changes to your electrical system or facility are made. Some of the arc flash services provided within a study performed by our team at IBS include:

  • Arc flash labels or decals with hazard identification and arc flash PPE recommendations
  • Accurate one-line diagrams of your electrical system design showing the electrical pathways and hazards
  • Assurance of NFPA, IEEE, and OSHA compliance
  • Arc flash NFPA 70E training guidelines
  • Preventive maintenance advisory

Arc flash studies can ensure your facilities are OSHA compliant but, more importantly, safe to protect your workers from injury and your property from explosive damage.

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IBS: One of the Best, Because We CARE

At IBS, our priority is to ensure our clients have safe working conditions to prevent injuries, property loss, and costly downtime. We work with large companies throughout the country, providing arc flash risk assessments, arc flash training, electrical engineering services, and analysis for compliance with current state and OSHA regulations. Our team of trained technicians will work with your facility personnel and handle your arc flash analysis, staff training, and provide arc flash PPE guidelines to help keep your facilities safe and compliant.

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Arc flash safety and prevention measures can prevent major catastrophes that can impact your company. Contact us at IBS to learn more about our arc flash analysis, training, electrical system design, and coordination study services to keep your facilities safe and OSHA compliant.