Services We Offer

Keep your facility up and running with help from IBS’s comprehensive building management services. Our team strives to build, integrate, and maintain custom electrical, fire, and HVAC systems so that our clients can focus on what they do best. Here’s a brief snapshot of the services we provide:

Arc Flash

An arc flash is an explosion when electricity uses air as a conductor to leave its intended path. This is a dangerous condition that causes an estimated 80% of electrical-related injury accidents in the workplace, as well as causing significant damage to equipment and property.

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Electrical Services

At IBS, we are the one-stop solution for
larger companies that need comprehensive electrical solutions. We design, build and maintain customized electrical systems for our clients, ensuring that not only are their systems are safe, but built to code that continually meets and exceed.

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Fire Services

Fire destroys an estimated $12 billion in commercial assets every year. Investing in the right fire alarms and suppression systems can protect your business from fire losses and sizable productivity downtime. IBS is your source for nationwide commercial fire services, designing, and building.

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HVAC/BAS Services

Energy consumption for heating, cooling and lighting your commercial facilities directly impacts the financial bottom line of your company. It is estimated that 19% of the energy consumed in the US is for heating, cooling, and lighting in commercial

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Infrared Services

Detect what causes arc flash and electrical problems before it happens with an infrared study from IBS. Very few nationwide facility maintenance companies offer the scope of services we provide at IBS, including infrared or IR studies to detect and prevent electrical failures.

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