Business experts say you should be able to describe your business in 30 seconds or less. They call it an elevator pitch. At IBS, we can do that but we may have to pull the STOP button.

Now we know being stuck in an elevator can be stressful for some and we don’t mean to relate our business to the feeling you have when the elevator stops mid-trip. But we do so many different things that we just may need a little longer than 30 seconds to explain.

Let’s get out of the elevator, sit in the lobby and discuss.


What We Do

IBS is a national building maintenance contractor that excels at engineering and construction management services.

  • We design, build, and maintain electrical, fire, and HVAC systems, focusing on large footprint nationwide customers.
  • We provide commissioning and preventive maintenance on a national basis.
  • We specialize in special systems including building automation, fire alarm, access control, and intrusion.

We do all these things nationally for customers looking for a single source to help manage their properties.

You Do What? Exactly.

The honest-to-God truth is that our team’s capabilities are so diverse that we are able to bring integrated solutions to our construction partners and our customers. Our diversified business model includes operating groups in design, construction management, and service for electrical, fire, and special systems.

Additionally, a great deal of our work is secured with repeat customers who have relied on individuals at IBS for decades.


Culturally, our organization is centered on an obsession for continuous improvement that motivates all of our resources towards being better tomorrow than we are today. With extensive job cost control and reporting systems, we know exactly where we are at on every project and believe in “getting in front of any issues” to ensure success on every project.

Exceeding customer expectations along with the value that we bring to our customers has brought us much success. Our achievements are a testimony to our employees and to our executive and project management style – one that enhances the performance of every department and encourages the individual contributions of each team member.

Guiding Principles

At IBS, we have adopted the following guiding principles:


We embrace diversity and treat everyone with courtesy, equity, fairness, and recognize the best in others.


We are accountable to our customers and to each other.


We communicate and work as a team, and we partner with our customers to solve problems.


We are proudly committed to providing outstanding customer service.


We promote honest, direct, and continuous communication.


Through creativity, we explore opportunities and improve continuously.


We promote personal and professional well being and growth.


We live every day with passion, enjoyment, and enthusiasm and strive to be a positive influence that sets an example for others.


Our employees are our most valuable assets and we are dedicated to attracting, retaining, and supporting the highest quality work force.